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25 May 2005

Eliot's Daniel Deronda

Deronda's unconscious fervour had gathered as he went on: he was uttering thoughts which he had used for himself in moments of painful meditation.

'Then tell me what better I can do,' said Gwendolen, insistently. "Many things. Look on other lives besides your own. See what their troubles are, and how they are borne. Try to care about something in this vast world besides the gratification of small selfish desires. Try to care for what is best in thought and action--something that is good apart from the incidents of your own lot.' ... 'You mean that I am selfish and ignorant.' He met her fixed look in silence before he answered firmly-- 'You will not go on being selfish and ignorant.' ... 'Can't you understand that?' 'I think I do--now,' said Gwendolen.

"But you were right--I am selfish. I have never thought much of anyone's feelings, except my mother's. I have not been fond of people. But what can I do?'... You say I am ignorant. But what good is the good of trying to know more, unless life were worth more?'

'This good,' said Deronda, promptly, 'life would be worth more to you: some real knowledge would give you an interest in the world beyond the small drama of personal desires. It is the curse of your life--forgive me--of so many lives, that all passion is spent in that narrow round, for want of ideas and sympathies to make a larger home for it. Is there any single occupation of mind that you care about with passionate delight or even independent interest?' (Excerpt from George Eliot's Daniel Deronda)


Anonymous Mary Werton said...

BBC just released the film version of Daniel Deronda and it's pretty good as far as Eliot-to-scree-transitions go... can't say too much about other works (!). I like this passage, brings to mind the laziness inherent in richpeople. just kidddingggg!!!!!

11:50 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I am rich and I am not lazy. I am D. Trump and I work. I have a Tv show to help people get rich like me..... LOL!!!!!! hahahaha

11:52 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Michelle M said...

Well-- Daniel Deronda is one I haven't read. Middlemarch is one of my all-time faves-- and I have the DVD of the BBC version-- it's quite good. I have read Mill on the Floss and didn't like it as much as Middlemarch, which is just about a perfect book. Perhaps this is why I haven't read any more Eliot.

1:03 PM GMT-5  

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