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"Generous deed should not be checked by cold counsel." (Tolkien's Return of the King)

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15 November 2005

Your mind's eye...

"God made plants to give him glory with their simplicity, and animals, with their innocence. But man he made to serve him in the tangle of his mind." (R.Bolt's A Man for All Seasons)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know if that's really a PRAISEWORTHY thing to say, I mean....'tangle of his mind'. Who wants a tangld mind for crying out loud?!* Oh, well, no tlike ti matters all that much. thanks for brinigng out the insulting things Thomas more's supposed to be telling us. ARGH!!!

11:49 AM GMT-5  
Blogger MD said...

Hey, don't take it personally.

10:55 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Michelle M said...

I actually don't mind admitting to having a tangled mind.....

1:06 PM GMT-5  

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