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09 January 2006

For the uninitiated, Edward Petherbridge is Lord Peter... anyone who begs to differ may take the other versions with them far far away.
(Photos courtesy of a generous person at talboys.livejournal)


Anonymous Brian said...

Personally, I saw the Carmichael versions first so it took a while to get used to Petherbridge as peter...but I definitely see how EP LOOKS more like Lord Peter than carmichael. Both tried. Of course, you can't really find the perfect one! Unless we could get that wooster guy to play the part. Funny thing about bertie and peter you put earlier. Geez, you could totally do it i think. Since the wooster guy is playing a serious role in the USA as Dr house. House could be the serious side of peter, iguess.

1:25 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO NO NO!!! EP is much too old to play Lord Peter.....not that the Carmichael dude was any younger but thep t is they've gott to cast someone closer to Sayer's original decript. Youknow what i MEAN!!!!! Argh,its frutstraging bc not like his desciprtion's so hard to manage.,.

10:25 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous lalalala said...

In my opinion, it's the lesser of 2 eveils. You know, if you had to choose between EP and IC, which would you choose? Don't tell me Carmichael bc he doesn't carry that LPW geniality too well. PLUS Petherbridge has the "light voice" that Peter's supposed to have. Ah, well, Sayers must be scratching her head as to where they could ever find an ideal Wimsey. Roy Ridley was supposed to be the 'physical inspiration' you know. Chaplain of Balliol.

9:49 AM GMT-5  

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