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13 November 2008

Stop and stare

Basically, this post is to say... it is completely rude to stare at people.  

Obviously this happened to me today.  As in today, about five minutes ago, in Mullen of all places.  Not like the library is a place to people-watch as you sip on a mocha.  Hello, you're all supposed to be working.  Anyway, I had to laugh at myself because I was waiting for the elevator to go to the congenial and quiet atmosphere of the 3rd floor, when I felt a stare.    As I turned round, I caught sight of a group of three, sitting in the couches (that's already a sign: who 'studies' on a couch? Not I, said the studious cat), apparently just sitting there and staring in my direction.  But the most hilarious factor of the scenario is that when I looked straight at them, they continued to just sit there and stare.  

There are such things as manners, and such a thing as being rude.  Usually you can misplace your manners without being outright rude, but in this case... Interesting episode of 'the clueless frosh.'   (I'm assuming they're freshers because anyone older may have more common sense?). 

Still smiling to myself as I sit happily in the 3rd floor where no one would dream of breaching manners. 


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