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19 January 2007

That still center...at the heart of rest

" Here then, at home, by no more storms distrest,
folding laborious hands we sit, wings furled...
to that still center, where the spinning world
sleeps on its axis, at the heart of rest.
~Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night 1939

As Keats wrote, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
And there, truth be told, je suis heureux.

Bells ring wild yet e'er serene there,
Thought dispels the dark and sloth
For within that tower'd heaven,
Minds weave Wisdom's ancient cloth.
(excerpt from Ode to Oxford, JMD)


Anonymous darren w said...

Love the 'ode'--where is it? Can't find it anywhere..

9:15 AM GMT-5  

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