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"Generous deed should not be checked by cold counsel." (Tolkien's Return of the King)

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22 August 2006

One thing too great

"There was one thing that was too great for God to show us when He walked upon our earth; and I have sometimes faniced that it was His mirth."

"The world has to be crossed. But there are no roads made for you. You yourselves will make the way through the mountains, beating it out with your own footsteps." (The Way, 928)

Photo of Addison's Walk at Oxford


Anonymous Laurie said...

Where's the rest of that Oxford poem? Googled it but nowhere to be found..... :( Nice though. And the Addison's photo is calming...nothin' like Oxford in the spring. (sniff)

11:43 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Samantha said...

By any chance do u know any CSLewis & Tolkien pages or groups or anything of that sort? Can't seem to find any good ones. I clicked on the links you gave but they all req. $$ which I'm not really interested in giving....it's not like I'm goign to be a 24/7 member or something! oh, well...

9:09 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the quotes!!! Where'd the Chesterton come from--do you know off hand? JUst wondering...i've oanly read MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY but honestly, couldn't make heads or tails of it. AARGGHH!! SOmeone told me there are layers of meaning and everythig but i couldn't really get it..

9:08 PM GMT-5  
Blogger MD said...

Laurie, you're right it's nowhere on the web to be found...simply bc I haven't finished writing it yet! I've only got about 4 stanzas and I'm still working on it. :) ("JMD" is yours truly)

Samantha, glad you like the photo--yup, Oxford in any season can be good for the soul.

And anon, yes, I've looked as well but can't find any groups that don't require a membership fee of some kind, unless you look in to those yahoo groups that have forums and what not.

10:44 AM GMT-5  

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