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01 February 2006

Et in Arcadia Ego

"Listen, Harriet, couldn't we make today a holiday? You've had enough of this blasted business. Come and be bothered with me for a change. It'll be a relief to you--like getting a nice go ofrheumatism in exchange for toothache. Equally damnable, but different. I've got to go to this lunch-party, but it needn't take too long.

How about a punt at 3 o'clock from Magdalen Bridge? (...) Let's go and do our bit of barging along with the happy populace." (Gaudy Night)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for adding some 'visual aids' to the Wimsey-Vane experience... helps a lot, you know! Sure you know that... PIP-PIP!!

8:48 AM GMT-5  

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