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"Generous deed should not be checked by cold counsel." (Tolkien's Return of the King)

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01 February 2006

"I'd better push off now. I'll be round in time to face the High Table at dinner. Seven o'clock?" (...)
The removal of the fish plates caused a slight diversion, and the Warden took the opportunity to turn her inquiries upon the situation in Europe. Here the guest was on his own ground. Harriet caught the Dean's eye and smiled. (Gaudy Night, Ch. XVII)

Photo © M. Datiles 2005-2010.


Anonymous Pomfret said...

Perfect photo and passage! So glad I discovered this page!!! Didn't realize LPW is so 'at large' nowadays. Found some other things on-line--even Wikipedia has him listed! Oh frabjous day, calloo callay (LPW in Busman's Honeymoon). wonderful, wonderful discoveries...

1:22 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous curiouser and curiouser said...

Is that a magdalen dinner?

3:23 PM GMT-5  
Blogger MD said...

Yes, indeed it was.

10:49 AM GMT-5  

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