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"Generous deed should not be checked by cold counsel." (Tolkien's Return of the King)

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14 February 2006


But there are others who look just the same to the world (as the decent and correct), who in their hearts are very different; they make no great show, they go on in the same quiet ordinary way as the others, but really they are training themselves to be saints in heaven.

They do all they can to change themselves, to become like God, to obey God, to discipline themselves, to renounce the world but they do it in secret, both because God calls them so to do and because they do not like it to be known (…)
Yet they all look the same, to common eyes, because true religion is a hidden life in the heart; and though it cannot exist without deeds, yet they are for the most part secret deeds, secret charities, secret prayers, secret self-denials, secret struggles, secret victories.

~ Newman, Pastoral and Parochial Sermons, IV, Sermon 16

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