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13 March 2006

Peter and Percy

Peter Wimsey and Percy Blakeney. Their names share the same cadence, why can't their stories share the same theme? Just a few thoughts on their similarities. While Wimsey is known as Lord Peter of "cricket and criminology" fame in the 1920s, Percy is known to his intimates as The Scarlet Pimpernel, who quietly and bravely rescues French aristos from the guillotine in the 1790s. 150 years apart, but exceeding close in spirit.

Aristocrats, more than usually clever. Daring and decisive. Can play multiple roles without a qualm. Well-bred, well-educated. Both have traveled the Continent. Lady once chosen, faithful to the point of their own personal suffering and having to excercise tremendous self-control to win her (win her after five patient years of waiting in Peter's case, win her back after the cooling of the marriage in Percy's case). Naturally cheerful disposition. Lion-hearted, each according to the demands of his own historical period (Percy, the French Revolution, Peter, the crimes of English society in the years between the wars, i.e. "the Long Weekend"). And the list goes on, not to mention both are fair-haired and physically fit for spur-of-the-moment crises.

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Anonymous Ms. de Vine said...

gosh, i never thought about that... HA! Wimsey & Wooster--that's awesome. I just read that thing you put on the link. Now I have a connection between 2 of my most favorite people (well, fictional, of course, but who cares?)

1:19 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous AD said...

Anybody have any suggestions about which P.G. Wodehouse books I should read first? I keep hearing about them but don't know where to begin... I have to confess, i only bumped into wodehouse bc i found out that hugh laurie (HOUSE!) was in them. never heard about 'em before in my life :(

2:13 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous ronald skidderly said...

Start with Code of the woosters. I think that's where jeeves first makes his entrance. Wait, do you know who jeeves is? Better not give it away. Anmwyas just read CODE and move on from there. hope that helps a bit!

3:06 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think we got mixed up here between the scarlet pimpernel/blakeny and bertie wooster (!?). i thought we were talking about Percy here? wooster comes up in another post somewhere. i guess it doesn't matter bc it looks like we all know who they all are, which is cool.

3:10 PM GMT-5  
Blogger tradingbattlescars said...

Just a warning Ad, mate- Hugh Laurie's loads different as Bertie Wooster from his cynical doctor persona in House! You might have a shocker when you hear his natural british accent, and his absentmindedness :)

9:59 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Melanie said...

It struck me just now that both of these stories were written by women... that's itneresting, isnt it? Must be something with the female imagination or some such thing. Maybe not, of course, but it seems they 'created' their own heroes (we know they were happily married, so not that they were 'seeking other streams' and so on), and their heroes are in a sense too good to be true... I mean, really! Percy and Peter are both too perfect, you know? Rich, good-looking and minds as sharp as anything. And on top of it, brave, loyal, honest, perfectly groomed and highly educated... I ask you, WHERE ARE THESE KIND OF PEOPLE? I would absolutely LOVE TO MEET THEM!!! but they probably don't exist, at least not all those qualities embodied in one person, right? I may be wrong...I wish I was. Alright, SO SORRY I've rambled on so.... bye for now!

10:34 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:57 PM GMT-5  

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