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30 May 2006

The English Catholics

Earlier this month, the House of Lords blocked a bill to legalize assisted suicides by a vote of 148-100 after a seven hour debate. "The outcome was seen as a victory for the Catholic Church in England and Wales, which in March began one of the largest campaigns in its modern history to prevent the bill from becoming law" (Catholic New York, May 25, 2006, p.13). "Hundreds of people--including terminally ill patients--who opposed the legislation protested outside the House of Lords during the debate. Earlier that day a petition against the bill, signed by 100,000 people, was delivered to the Prime Minister Tony Blair's residence."

Bravo, Brittania.


Anonymous Arch Angel said...

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

4:40 PM GMT-5  
Blogger MD said...

Er, who in the world is arch angel?? LOL!

5:02 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous a brit passing thru said...

WOW! Hey, there may be something in the conversion of England... remember we were Catholics for 900 years and have reminders everywhere of our 'roman' roots. Maybe not in this lifetime...maybe my kids?

10:52 PM GMT-5  
Blogger MD said...

No harm praying for that. :)

11:07 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Sherry said...

WWWWOOOOWWWW!!!! i'm absolutely impressed. that's such a huge deal. And Lords is no joke, if you ask me. This has made my day, honestly. Thank you foor sharing.

2:49 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Arch Angel said...

Yes, sharing is caring!

3:40 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:34 AM GMT-5  

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