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20 June 2006

Today.... two years ago

On June 20, 2004, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Rowan Williams) delivered the Commemoration sermon at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, University of Oxford. Among other things, it reminds us of the meaning of any university and the marvelous work that lies ahead of us, work made all the more clearer and richer by reflecting on the university's original purposes.

"A university prepared to train its members for the service of the common good and to entertain the questioning of religious vision and commitment is one that remains worthy of its benefactors - and deserving still of public and private benevolence. Long may that be true for Oxford."

The full text can be found via the link on the UNIV webpage: 


Anonymous Mom-on-the-run said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for posting that. I wasn't too clear on some things he said (maybe don't know enough about England's Catholic history...) but what a lucky thing to have been there to hear it live. Better than some commencement speeches I've heard in recent years...

10:40 AM GMT-5  

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