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31 March 2006


There, eastward, within a stone's throw, stood the twin towers of All Souls, fantastic, unreal as a house of cards, clear-cut in the sunshine, the drenched oval in the quad beneath brilliant as an emerald in the bezel of a ring.Behind them, black and grey, New College frowning like a fortress, with dark wings wheeling about her belfry louvres; and Queen's with her dome of green copper; and, as the eye turned southward, Magdalen, yellow and slender, the tall lily of towers; the Schools and the battlemented front of University; Merton, square-pinnacled, half-hidden behind the shadowed North side and mounting spire of St. Mary's.Westward again, Christ Church, vast between Cathedral spire and Tom Tower; Brasenose close at hand; St. Aldate's and Carfax beyond; spire and tower and quadrangle, all Oxford springing underfoot in living leaf and enduring stone, ringed far off by her bulwark of blue hills. ~Gaudy Night
Photos © M. Datiles 2005-2010.


Anonymous Bradford said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:47 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Nelly said...

GOsh, for that one passsage alone I'm going to ordedr the book right now on B&N! THANKS!!!!

9:34 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Oxford forever said...

MAGDALEN TOWER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry, my excitement got the better of me. tsk, tsk. .... love the photo! "Oh, dreamy city" and those 'dreaming spires'... Who cares about San Francisco? I left my heart in .... Oxford!

9:45 AM GMT-5  
Blogger MD said...

Glad to have spread the "Sayers" fever--she wrote the book. And yes, the one passage says a lot.

8:31 PM GMT-5  

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